Create an instance of the Args and custom class. Args args; CustTable custTable; //custom class object to pass. Student student= new Student (); args = new args (); Set the parameter which you want to pass. If you just want to pass a simple string you can do it like this. args.parm ("Hello World");
Creating a service item in Product Information Management. November 24, 2014 · by Lachlan Cash · in Product information management, Sales and marketing . ·. A service item prior to AX2012 was the only way to implement a process where you wanted to purchase and sell an item/service but didn't want to track inventory.
Become D365 Supply Chain Functional Consultant In DigiSurface we offer remote and on-site training for students and corporate users. ... Creating Items; Units of measure and setting up unit conversion; Inventory Management; Setting Purchase, Cost and Sales Pricing of Items; Procurement basic setups.
Aug 30, 2021 · In this section, I will walk you through how to create menu items in D365. First, open Visual Studio, running as an administrator. Next, create a new D365 project. To do this, go to File>New>Project Select the ‘Dynamics 365’ section from the left, then select the ‘Finance and Operations’ project type.
The load receiving menu item will be used to register the items at the "Inbound location". Once the registration process completed, the warehouse work "Putaway" the items from "Inbound location. Feb 15, 2022 · Select + on the canvas, and then select Send an email from the contextual menu. Select the email tile on the canvas and select the ...